Sunday, August 5, 2012

Immensely Useful Tips To Beat Kidney Disease

Countless people around the world have to confront highly unpleasant kidney diseases. So many unhealthy food options around tend to put avoidable pressure on the kidneys, leading to all sorts of problems. Foodstuff having high sugar content, carbonated drinks and other such items spell doom for the kidneys. Follow these immensely useful tips to beat kidney disease.
Kidney disease poses a serious risk to other organs of the body, including heart and lungs, and to the general well-being. It is highly imperative that diet of the patient is changed as soon as possible to keep retention of fluids and wastes at the minimum and keep level of electrolytes at an acceptable level.
1. Keep an eye on foods that you consume: It is common to see people who are not concerned about safety of the food items that they consume. If you want to beat kidney disease you need to be especially concerned about what goes in your tummy. Food borne illness can prove to be fatal for people who are struggling with kidney problems.
It is essential that you ensure proper hygiene while preparing food. Avoid items like unpasteurized dairy products, raw fish or meat, sprouts and raw or undercooked eggs. Limit your intake of potassium and sodium as well.
2. Regulate Carbohydrate Intake: Diabetes is one of the biggest reasons of kidney disease. It meddles in the way by which the body makes use of insulin and obstructs the production of insulin. This results in impairment in processing of glucose, which in turn leads to high glucose levels in blood. Inner walls of kidneys get damaged in the process, leading to kidney disease.
Concerned individuals ought to limit their carbohydrate intake as foods rich in this otherwise vital nutrient tend to raise glucose in the body. Eating right type of carbohydrates in an appropriate amount is the key to keeping blood glucose in check. Whole grains happen to be the perfect choice for diabetic individuals, so give it a try without fail.
3. Reduce cholesterol levels: Patients of kidney disease are highly susceptible to cardiovascular problems. If you are one among those, you ought to reduce your cholesterol levels. First step towards attaining this purpose is avoiding foods with Saturated and Trans fats completely. Pre-packaged foods, butter, margarine, dairy products and meat etc are rich in the said fats, so you must remove them from your diet.
Opt for food items which help you to lower cholesterol. Such food items include fruits and whole grains, vegetables and fish oil. Note that you need to go for non starchy vegetables that do not load you with unwanted fats. Avoid canola oil and opt for olive oil instead.
Planning meals is essential for patients of kidney disease. One needs to have just the right type of food items in an appropriate quantity to beat kidney disease. Get in touch with an experienced physician as soon as problems of this ailment surface to get timely treatment and live a healthy and comfortable life.

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