Wednesday, October 24, 2012

When You Get Problems on Calculus Knowing and Providing Solutions

        You know, it probably is fair to say that almost every student experiences some serious, even really very serious for some, problems on calculus knowing and providing the solutions. And thus, it is also fair to say that every student deserves to get the best help they could get in order to support thier learning this subject. 
        And luckily for all of these students, there are now some highly dedicated and most professional online teachers and or tutors to help every one of them with the solutions and explanations in calculus problems. With such wonderful help, these students can now learn calculus pretty much easily as they do have the biggest and most qualified supports they could get. 
        Of course, what these students need to do to get such supports is to visit these teachers. Then again, these students are truly very lucky for having their teachers and tutors accessible online. That means they could make the visit to these teachers or tutors at any available time these students want to, or, by that it means, at any given time or situation every one of these students is having any of those calculus problems in their learning. Indeed, you do need to say thanks to these online teachers and tutors, really!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Close Reading Your Life Insurance Quotes is Important

     Is this your first time in trying to get your life insurance quotes? Do you know what to do to such important documents? Of course, you have to read them all, but the real questions are then how do you have to read and which parts you have to read from your life insurance quotes? 
     The first question of how should have the answer of anything with careful and close reading. You just need to remember that insurance does mean some money you need to pay in exchange for the service, and this, needless to say more, is your own money that you are talking about. Thus, nothing in your life insurance matter can be taken less seriously than that. How serious you consider your money equals how serious you have to read your insurance service, period. 
     The second question of which parts should mean all terms in your life insurance quotes. Do not dare buying any insurance if you do not know yet what is a claim, let alone to make one. And how do you think you are going to get the best insurance service if you do not know what insurance rate really means? See? Hence, close and careful reading your insurance quotes is all that important. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Advantages Of Online Payday Loan

When you are cornered by the financial problem that you have, it is better for you to get the fastest, easiest, and the safest solution that you can use. Among so many kinds of available solutions, many people like to use online payday loans. For some people, this kind of service might have been very familiar. However, for some people who have never used this kind nf service, I bet they do not know the advantages of using this kind of service, especially when it is compared with the bank.
           The very first advantage that you will see from using the online payday loan is the easiness of using this kind of service. You do not need to stand in the line to get the service. What you have to do is to sit down peacefully in front of your computer or laptop and then visit the website. The second advantage that you can get from the service is the fastness of the service. If you need a long time to apply for a loan in the bank, you will not see the same thing in the payday loan service. In a pay day loan service, you will only need to wait for about two days to get your desired loan.

How To Do Car Insurance Shopping Correctly

Whatever you want to buy, I am sure that you want to get the best. This also applies in the car insurance selection. If you want to buy car insurance, I am sure that you want to have the best car insurance program that you will like. Indeed there are a lot of choices about car insurance programs offered by a lot of car insurance companies. However, for people who do not have any idea about car insurance, the number of car insurance programs might be confusing for them. If you are one of these people, there are several tips that you can choose.
          First of all, you need to find the car insurance that you need the most. There are so many car insurance programs that you can choose and you need to find one that might be useful for you in the future. You have to remember not only to focus about the money but you have to focus on how the life insurance can help you in your life. Second of all, after you find the right car insurance program, what you have to do next is to compare the car insurance programs that you have found.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Reversing Kidney Disease Naturally

The kidney is such an important part of the human body, yet it is so often ignored or unconsidered when taking the general health of a person into account. People do not seem to care about their kidneys as much as they do about other body parts, and often this results in kidney disease, which can be easily prevented through the use of various methods that contribute to reversing kidney disease naturally.
For instance, some people simply focus on the major functionality parts of the body such as the brain and the heart when they think about their general overall health. But this is a very wrong way of thinking, and ignoring the kidneys is a large, potentially deadly mistake that people tend to make.
Kidneys are a part of a human body's essential filtering mechanism. Because they work to filter out and get rid of toxins as well as other harmful chemicals or potential life threats, they plan a major role in the entire body's health and in the entire person's well-being. Without the proper functioning of kidneys, these kinds of toxins can end up poisoning the blood rather than being gotten rid of like they are supposed to, and the ending results may be either extremely unpleasant or actually fatal.
This is why people should never underestimate the vitality of their kidneys and take care to keep them always functioning well. One significant risk that everyone must consider is kidney disease. This is a dangerous condition, which occurs when the amount of acid that enters the bloodstream of a person is too much for the liver to balance. The acid that remains after the liver has attempted to get rid of these acids is then sent to the kidneys, which in turn must productively eliminate these harmful chemicals from the blood.
Unfortunately, if the acid is especially quantitative, the kidneys are not strong enough to process it. When the kidneys become bombarded with this highly toxic waste, which can be found in numerous different types of things that people consume on a regular basis such as highly processed foods and acid-forming soft drinks, they become so stressed and damaged that they can no longer even get rid of the regular chemicals that they are used to filtering out of the person's system, such as the common lactic acid.
If the amount of these dangerous acids becomes abundant, the kidneys eventually begin to die out. This is called kidney disease.
Fortunately, however, there are certain ways that can help reverse kidney disease naturally. For instance, one method of reversing kidney disease naturally would be to consume less acids and thus lower the overall acid waste within the body. The correct formula of vegetable juice, paired with this avoidance of acids can truly begin to dissolve the clumps of acid waste that have begun to form kidney stones. The neutralization of a body's acids will eventually place a significantly lower stress level upon the kidneys, thus causing them to slowly begin to function once again.
Discover the scientifically proven, research-based KIDNEY FOCUSED DIET on how to immediately stop the progression of your kidney disease STARTING TODAY!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dealing With Liver Cirrhosis: Dietary Guidelines

If you have liver cirrhosis, weight loss may be one of the clues if you're currently undiagnosed. It's important to understand what your liver does-essentially, your liver serves as a filter for many of the toxins that are present in the foods we eat.
Of course, this is a very broad explanation that doesn't go into the specifics but serves to introduce the neophyte reader to the topic and its basics.
When the liver is overworked with too many were the wrong kinds of nutrients and/or chemicals, it's rendered less effective and eventually is unable to do its job. This manifests in many ways including pain in the abdomen, nausea and to a great extent if not cared for will lead to jaundice and even death.
You don't have to be an alcohol abuser in order to be diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. There are certainly many other factors that can contribute to the disease. Certainly, this does not purport to be an exhaustive list of the causes of cirrhosis but will give an idea of some of the lesser-known causes.
Factors Aside From Alcohol
There are many genetic factors that can contribute to the proliferation of this disease, both environmental and from within an individual's genetic code. For example, cystic fibrosis can contribute to this disease every bit as much as alcohol can.
So, even if one does not imbibe alcohol on a regular basis, genetic factors can come into play and tip the balance in favor of the disease.Autoimmune disorders also contribute, as the complications from this family of diseases are wide ranging and have a wide-ranging effect as a consequence.
Hepatitis and it's many varieties can affect one's health to the point that a diagnosis of cirrhosis is possible.
Of course, alcohol wasn't the only thing you can put into your body that can harm your liver. Morbid obesity is also a contributing factor and leads to many other complications aside from cirrhosis. Even some drugs that are intended to make a person get better and feel better may be a factor in someone being diagnosed with this malady.
Once the liver is sufficiently impaired, the disease will manifest itself in many ways. These range from weakness in general, nausea, loss of appetite and consequential loss of body weight, blood in the stool, vomiting and retention of fluids.
All of this stems from the lesson capability of your liver to filter and remove toxins from your bloodstream and keep you feeling healthy.
You should always follow the advice of a doctor, but it's important also to be well-educated on your own with regard to how your body will be affected and how you feel.
There are many things you can do to cooperate with your liver and even to help it heal. Many folks choose a modified diet that concentrates on making the job of your liver as easy as is possible.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Things To Know About The Neoplastic Disease

What is Neoplastic Disease?

A better understanding of the neoplastic disease, also known as neoplastic disorder, do stem from its definition. The Term generally refers to the nature of the cells characterized by abnormal growth of tissues known as tumor. However, it must be noted that a conclusive definition of the condition is not very easy since the condition presents with different diseases. Understanding neoplasms (an abnormal growth of new tissues in animal and in this case humans) is probably the most direct way to understand the condition.
Causes of Neoplastic Disorders
One category of causes can be discussed under genetic disorders (problems associated with an error in a specific gene) and for that matter hereditary. Another category of causes will be those originating from blood or are being transported by blood or related to blood in away thus the name hematogenic. There are also causes related with the lymphoid. There are also other unknown causes of these disorders and are usually referred to as idiopathic causes.
A part from the major causes of the neoplastic disease, there are also minor ones such as chemical exposure, mutation and immunogenic causes (influenced by an antigen thus are as a result of an immune response, though not appropriately). There are also possible causes of these abnormal tissue growths such as hormone replacement therapy if used for more than five (5) years, UV rays, X rays, Obesity, alcohol, diet rich in red meat and smoking.
Symptoms associated with Neoplastic Disease
The most commonly reported symptom is the abnormal proliferation of cells, a condition known as neoplasm. There is also swelling due to poor circulation of body fluids in some severe cases. Inflammation (redness or pain as a result of a protective reaction to a disease or an injury by the body immune system) is a much reported neoplastic symptom. Finally there may be a kind of lump on the skin or any other body area.
Diagnosis of the disorder
Since the disease is mainly presented with tumor or to be specific the malignant type, Some methods used in the diagnosis of cancer do apply here. Methods like diagnostic imaging where variable pictures of body organs are produced for detection of tumors and other tissue abnormalities with the main types of imaging being transmission e.g. X ray, Reflection imaging e.g. ultrasound and emission imaging e.g Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Another technique can be computed Tomography Scan (CT Scan)
Available Treatment Methods
Apart from the use of pain killers and cytotoxic drugs i.e. Chemotherapy, meaningful treatment has remained to be through stem cell transplant, hormonal therapy, radiation therapy and even surgery. There is also multimodality which is the use of more than one method at the same time in an effort to treat or control neoplastic disease.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Immensely Useful Tips To Beat Kidney Disease

Countless people around the world have to confront highly unpleasant kidney diseases. So many unhealthy food options around tend to put avoidable pressure on the kidneys, leading to all sorts of problems. Foodstuff having high sugar content, carbonated drinks and other such items spell doom for the kidneys. Follow these immensely useful tips to beat kidney disease.
Kidney disease poses a serious risk to other organs of the body, including heart and lungs, and to the general well-being. It is highly imperative that diet of the patient is changed as soon as possible to keep retention of fluids and wastes at the minimum and keep level of electrolytes at an acceptable level.
1. Keep an eye on foods that you consume: It is common to see people who are not concerned about safety of the food items that they consume. If you want to beat kidney disease you need to be especially concerned about what goes in your tummy. Food borne illness can prove to be fatal for people who are struggling with kidney problems.
It is essential that you ensure proper hygiene while preparing food. Avoid items like unpasteurized dairy products, raw fish or meat, sprouts and raw or undercooked eggs. Limit your intake of potassium and sodium as well.
2. Regulate Carbohydrate Intake: Diabetes is one of the biggest reasons of kidney disease. It meddles in the way by which the body makes use of insulin and obstructs the production of insulin. This results in impairment in processing of glucose, which in turn leads to high glucose levels in blood. Inner walls of kidneys get damaged in the process, leading to kidney disease.
Concerned individuals ought to limit their carbohydrate intake as foods rich in this otherwise vital nutrient tend to raise glucose in the body. Eating right type of carbohydrates in an appropriate amount is the key to keeping blood glucose in check. Whole grains happen to be the perfect choice for diabetic individuals, so give it a try without fail.
3. Reduce cholesterol levels: Patients of kidney disease are highly susceptible to cardiovascular problems. If you are one among those, you ought to reduce your cholesterol levels. First step towards attaining this purpose is avoiding foods with Saturated and Trans fats completely. Pre-packaged foods, butter, margarine, dairy products and meat etc are rich in the said fats, so you must remove them from your diet.
Opt for food items which help you to lower cholesterol. Such food items include fruits and whole grains, vegetables and fish oil. Note that you need to go for non starchy vegetables that do not load you with unwanted fats. Avoid canola oil and opt for olive oil instead.
Planning meals is essential for patients of kidney disease. One needs to have just the right type of food items in an appropriate quantity to beat kidney disease. Get in touch with an experienced physician as soon as problems of this ailment surface to get timely treatment and live a healthy and comfortable life.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Food and Heart Disease - Foods That Could Jeopardize Your Health

Heart disease is the greatest cause of fatalities in the United States, and it is thought that currently as many as 37% of all Americans have at least two of the risk factors for heart attack. These would be high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes to name the most common ones, and they are mostly interrelated and mostly attributed to poor diet practices. So these are just five of the foods that you should avoid as much as possible.
1. Soft drinks. This is one of the five we cite here that is difficult to justify, even in moderation. Throw 10 tsp. of sugar into your system every time you drink a regular soda, and then imagine drinking a few every day. A study followed young adults over a 20-year period and found that high consumption of sugary drinks had an association with high ldl cholesterol, hypertension and elevated levels of triglycerides, all known causes of heart disease. Diet soda yields the same nutritional benefits: zero.
2. Fish that is fried. We have written about the health benefits of fish, and it is well-known to reduce the risk of heart disease. But it all depends on how it is prepared if you will truly reap those benefits. Put it in the deep fryer and all those health benefits go by the wayside. When tests were conducted comparing fried fish to baked or broiled, the results showed a 50% greater risk of heart disease with the deep fried fish. So plan to eat fish at least twice a week, and stay away from deep fried and broil, steam, bake or sauté your fish in a small amount of olive oil for the best health results.
3. Any meat that is processed. This is another food that shouldn't be consumed, especially with so many more healthy options available. Even compared to red meats they had a 42% higher heart attack risk than red meat. They foods such as salami, bologna, sausages and other deli meats contain fat, salt, nitrates, cholesterol and preservatives. Better options are turkey, chicken and fish.
4. Donuts and muffins. The culprit here is Tran's fats, and it is thought that this terrible fat is responsible for a minimum 30000 premature deaths in the United States each year. They may be tasty, but from a nutritional standpoint they're a nightmare. Because of the high quantities of sugar and fat, along with refined flour makes them very high in calories, with practically no nutritional value in return. There are many breakfast options that are far superior, and really don't take much more time to prepare than standing in line for that scone.
5. The dressing we put on salad. We construct these amazingly healthy salads, and then bring them down with gobs of bottled salad dressing loaded with sugar, saturated fat, Tran's fat, preservatives and salt. All of these ingredients have been linked with heart disease, hypertension and high levels of cholesterol. Salads are a wonderful part of our diet, but enhance their health benefits with a healthy dressing. Think about making your own, as you can find many great recipes on the internet that offer much better health values than store-bought dressings.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Overview of Visceral Leishmaniasis

Visceral Leishmaniasis may sound so medical and foreign but this disease is the second most common parasitic killer in the world. It is responsible for over 500,000 new cases each year. The disease is endemic in Africa and some areas of Europe. Because of the prevalence of poverty and the difficulty to educate the people in depressed areas, campaign against leishmaniasis is not too successful. Furthermore, Africa's continuous civil war in various places made it more difficult to eradicate the disease. Because of displacement and people always travel from one place to another just to look for a better place to live in, these people unknowingly spread Leishmaniasis.
Causative Pathogen
The causative pathogen of visceral leishmaniasis was first described by Doctor William Leishman and Charles Donovan. Because of their efforts, the pathogen was named after them, Leishmania donovani.
Today, there are three species of L. donovani that were identified to cause V. leishmaniasis. These are L. donovani, L. infantum, and L. chagasi with the first two mentioned species primarily affect Africa, Europe, and Asia while the last affects South America.
L. donovani is transmitted through a vector sandfly. The sandfly is so small that it is hard to notice. Infected sandfly will suck blood from its host then through its saliva; the L. donovani crosses the body's first line of defense. The parasite will then overrides macrophages and inside, they will nourish themselves until the parasite is able to replicate itself. Eventually, the macrophage will burst, releasing the daughter parasites. They will then find new macrophages to infect and this procedure is repeated unless proper medication and management is administered. The most affected organs during L. donovani invasion are the liver and spleen.
Signs and Symptoms
Most patients dying from visceral leishmaniasis do not die because of the disease itself. In most areas where leishmaniasis is endemic, there are also other prevailing diseases. For example, AIDS is also a problem in Sudan and in some African countries. As an opportunistic infection, the crippling effect of both AIDS and leishmaniasis occurring simultaneously in one body is too much to handle by an individual. As a result, sure death is incurred. The following are some of the signs and symptoms of visceral leishmaniasis.
Decreased weight 
Enlargement of the spleen and liver 
Abnormal blood count (low WBC and platelets)

Prevention is always better than cure. As of 2012, there are efforts headed by a research institute to produce a vaccine. Trials are still on going to test the vaccine with promising results. If this vaccine is successful, then prevalence of visceral leishmaniasis will surely decrease.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Is Lymes Disease Rash?

Lyme disease is spread by deer ticks and is caused by a spirochete bacteria name Borrelia burgdorferi. When the bacteria reach the bloodstream and are spread throughout the body, it can cause signs and symptoms ranging from mild to severe.
Deer ticks are the vector insect of this kind of disease. B. burgdorferi lives in the saliva of the tick and when the tick bit a person, the bacteria is introduced inside the body. B. burgdorferi will then travel the bloodstream and infect different body parts such as the nervous, integumentary, and musculoskeletal system.
Its most noticeable symptom is the rash that it creates, which is an immune response of the body to the invading foreign bacteria. The rash is developed by the time the deer tick bit a person. The tick's saliva is a perfect nourishing substance for the bacteria. The tick's saliva itself contains chemical that can disrupt or damage the local immune system. When the skin's immune system is compromised, it can serve as a breeding ground for the bacteria. From the site of the bite, the spirochete bacteria will then asexually reproduce and will spread outwardly. This is the main reason that lyme disease rash is circular in appearance. In some unknown reason, the neutrophils, which are the body's antigen for invading bacteria, do not respond promptly to the site or failed to take action.
Signs and Symptoms
The manifestations of lyme disease may greatly depend upon what part of the body is affected. Generally, the signs and symptoms are produced because of the body's response to the invading bacteria. Thus, the signs and symptoms are indication that your body's immune system is still operating. But prolonged exposure to infection without any sign of recovery will eventually lead to exhaustion and possible irreversible damage to the body.
Aside from rash which has been mentioned above, the following are some of the signs and symptoms of lyme disease.
Early Stage
Circular rash has 5 to 6 inches diameter 
"Bull's eye" rash 
Occasionally itchy or painful

Signs of inflammation may or may not be present
Late Stage
Cerebral palsy 
Shooting pain that leads to sleep disturbances 
Bladder problem

Lyme disease has many other complications that may even affect mental and emotional health. This is the main reason that early detection and prompt medical attention should be given. Lyme disease may not be serious at first, but the later stages of the disease may lead to debilitating effects.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

An Overview of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

What is Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever?
Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) is a disease caused by viruses mainly transmitted by Aedes aegypti (a type of mosquito), though other species of mosquito can also transmit this disease. DHF is popularly known as the "break-bone disease" because most of its victims suffer from muscle and joint pain. Diagnosis of dengue should be done promptly because the disease may progress so fast that saving the life of the patient may be impossible. This is harder than most would have thought because the first signs and symptoms of DHF are not symptom-specific.
Dengue is commonly occurring in tropical and sub-tropical areas. It is endemic in countries around the equator and potentially affects over 2.5 billion people. There are many efforts made by government and non-government organizations to at least curb down or eliminate the risk of developing DHF. Some of these efforts were successful but there is still so much work to do.
Pathophysiology of DHF
Dengue virus needs a host to thrive. When it is contracted by a mosquito, the dengue virus will stay in the saliva and when the mosquito bites a person, the saliva carrying the virus will enter the skin. The virus will then look for a cell, in this case white blood cell, where it will replicate itself as it moves throughout the body. The white blood cell will then try to suppress the proliferation of this virus. This will trigger most of the non-specific symptoms of DHF such as fever, body pains, and flu. When the body cannot stop the virus from spreading throughout the body, the virus will affect bones and liver. The virus will also feed on the small capillaries in the body which will cause its collapse. This explains the petechial hemorrhage and bleeding in different parts of the body. As the disease progresses, hypovolemic shock may happen which may lead to death.
Treatment and Management
There is no single course of treatment for dengue fever. Management greatly depends upon the symptoms experienced by the patient. One of the most common therapies performed is the oral rehydration therapy because of the great danger for dehydration. Dengue patient suffers from hemorrhage and fluid loss, thus it is important to look closely for signs of fluid deficit. In addition to this, aspirin should not be given as this might decrease blood clotting.
When the patient is already in the recovery phase, the reverse occurs. The body starts to regain and reabsorb lost fluids. There is a danger for hypervolemia. Loop diuretics may be prescribed to decrease body fluid. When the body is stable and vital signs are within normal range, stopping further intake of fluid is enough as a means of management.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Learn About Chagas Disease Symptoms

Most people might not be familiar with Chagas disease but they might recognize the disease after hearing its common term, the "kissing bug". The disease is endemic in Latin America and it affects almost 10 million people. It affects other countries even if it is not endemic in their place such as the United States and Spain. It is worth noting that the large part of the disease incidence occurs in rural areas where the breeding and feeding ground of the vector insect are available.
Trypanosome cruzi is the causative agent of Chagas disease. It is a parasitic protozoan that lives inside different animals such as raccoons, squirrels, mice, wood rats, and opossums. But it is also found out that even domestic animals such as dogs, cats, and cows can also be a reservoir for T. cruzi. As a result, the disease is even made more rampant.
The carrier of T. cruzi is the kissing bug. The bug feeds both in animals and humans. When it sucks blood from an infected host, the kissing bug can transfer T.cruzi to other animals. But when it comes to humans, the kissing bug is attracted to bite on the face of its victim then after it is done in sucking blood; it will defecate on the fresh wound it made, thus passing on the parasite.
Signs and Symptoms
There are two phases of Chagas disease in human. The first one is the acute phase. This may last for many weeks or even months. The acute phase may last for too long because it is asymptomatic at first. Even when the disease's manifestations start to surface, it is only mild and most will just ignore how they feel. The following are some of the manifestations of acute phase.
1. Inflamed face originating from the bite site 
2. Pyrosis (fever) 
3. Malaise 
4. Itchy or non-itchy rash 
5. Body pain 
6. Headache, nausea, vomiting 
7. Diarrhea 
8. Splenomegaly (enlargement of the spleen) 
9. Liver enlargement

The acute phase commonly subsides by itself and the body is capable of fighting the disease. But sometimes, other factors might lead to the chronic phase. If the body is already weak when the Chagas disease develops, there is a high tendency that the affected person with proceed to chronic phase. Signs and symptoms may include:
1. Myocardial inflammation or enlargement 
2. Arrhythmia 
3. Heart failure 
4. Cardiac arrest 
5. Enlargement of the esophagus 
6. Dysphagia 
7. Enlarged colon

When the disease is not resolved promptly, it can lead to death. Every year, around 20,000 deaths are caused by Chagas disease.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Adrenal Fatigue Expanded

I have been writing about adrenal fatigue and its considerable devastating affects on health for some years now, but I continue to research the topic and am continually amazed at the findings I discover concerning this illness. It is indeed a complex issue that few medical doctors address, yet I also have discovered that many holistic doctors do not fully understand this health imbalance, therefore rendering them incapable of truly helping the suffering individual. Perhaps you've been to different doctors and health professionals as many have done, but are no better now than you were when you first sought their help. That is why I wrote my latest eBook - Adrenal Fatigue: Real Answers for a Real Problem, revising & expanding the previous one as many new facts needed to be included. My goal is always to help the individuals who are seeking to regain their health with accurate information which can help them know what to do and where to go for real help for this real problem.
First, understand this is a multi-faceted problem that will require you to address various aspects of your health for complete healing to occur. It will not simply be taking a few supplements and resting for a total recovery, but will require looking into your emotions, your beliefs, your spiritual connection, as well as your diet, sleep patterns, lifestyle, relationships and what you believe about yourself. Sound overwhelming? It would be if you had to deal with everything at once, but total healing is always a journey that requires taking one step at a time. Compare it to peeling an onion - one layer at a time until you get to the core. That's what will be required for your journey - working on one layer at a time. So yes, this will take time, but believe me, it will be worth it!
The symptoms that alert you of possible adrenal exhaustion are indeed vast, but some of the most common are: fatigue, insomnia or sleeping a lot without feeling rested, weight gain mostly around your belly, anxiety, feeling stressed, depressed, nervous, lack of concentration, feeling scattered and unproductive, low libido, constipation or diarrhea, loss of interest in much of life to name a few. Although these symptoms can be attributed to other disorders, if you have several of these then you would be wise to address the possibility of adrenal exhaustion. Donna Gates, along with many other health professionals, who is the author of The Body Ecology Diet, states that "Adrenal exhaustion is an underlying factor in all illnesses!"
Knowing that adrenal fatigue is credited with being a contributing factor in all diseases, it warrants your concern and the desire to know more. It is estimated that over 80% of our society is affected with adrenal burnout, so it has reached epidemic proportions without a doubt. And with the present chaos in our country and world, it is no wonder that so many people are suffering.
So your next thought is probably this, "Can it be fixed?" The answer is "Absolutely!" I traveled this journey of adrenal exhaustion and also experienced a couple adrenal crashes after my initial one more than 20 years ago, but I searched for answers and finally found them, which helped my body to heal. However, what I learned on my journey is that just addressing the physical realm will never cure it; it is a healing journey that encompasses the mental, emotional and spiritual realms as well. This means changing your entire lifestyle and the way you think, feel and behave if you want to heal completely. So you see it is not a quick fix scenario, but rather peeling away the layers that haven't worked for you, letting go of those old ways and incorporating new ideas so you can again be whole.
I learned on my journey some astonishing facts that opened the doors of understanding way beyond my initial thinking. I learned that hormones rule the body, so it's a given the adrenal hormones of DHEA and cortisol play a significant role in your health. But in this equation of hormone balance you murt include the thyroid hormone, the sex hormones of estrogen, progesterone & testosterone, melatonin the sleep hormone, and Hgh in the pituitary. In addition, I finally understood this important fact - that the brain and the gut (often referred to as our second brain) are in control of all functions of the body, from peacefulness, calmness, clear thinking, energy, motivation, drive, libido, digestion & assimilation of foods and elimination of waste, so they must be balanced and working efficiently in order for you to experience great health. Once I learned these facts, the adrenal fatigue solution did an about face, and the new information provided much more extensive treatment protocols that worked more effectively!
What causes adrenal burnout? Stress does! Now everyone experiences stress all the time - it is impossible not to experience stress in your everyday life. But the difference is in how you respond to that stressor. If you begin worrying or are angry, you set the stage for a cycle of chronic stress. But if you simply acknowledge you have received a challenge but are greater than that challenge, you can then step into a positive flow of energy that allows you to resolve the situation more easily without the tension and worry that accompanies a challenge. Worry and anger are negative and are always based in fear energy, and whatever energy you send out comes back to you the same - that is a scientific fact! So obviously, staying in a positive energy flow is much more desirable for your health.
Even the medical profession acknowledges that stress is a killer, and it has been documented multiple times that stress contributes to all major diseases as in heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and even obesity. Granted, there are other factors that contribute immensely to diseases - sugar and fructose, processed foods, lack of sleep, alcohol, drugs (street and prescription), relationship issues, worry, grief, guilt, anger, anxiety, insulin resistance and/or metabolic syndrome - all of which are stressors for your body, so stress and the adrenals are always part of the disease equation.
There are many ways to learn how to respond differently to stress and how to calm yourself. Deep belly breathing is most effective and meditation is life's most powerful tool. When you sit quietly and breathe deeply, your body and mind connect to your heart, your love center. Love is your essence and what brings positive outcomes in your life, but most people live their lives through fear, and that creates the stress. So taking time to calm yourself and reconnect mind & body, then adding regular exercise (which is considered by many the wonder drug) along with a healthy diet, you have the capability of healing completely. And of course there are many healing modalities that can help you too like massage, Reiki, reflexology, acupuncture, or energy healing. Taking a few pills or adding a few vegetables to your diet is not going to cure your adrenal disorder, instead, it will require you to completely change the way you presently live. After all, hasn't it been said that doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different outcome is insanity? You got it - you must make significant changes in every aspect of your life to heal. But don't let this fact overwhelm you - you can do it if you truly want to!
There are many great supplements that can help heal the adrenals and are most assuredly necessary for adrenal restoration, but knowing which ones can be an issue. This is where guidance from someone who understands this health challenge is vital because self-navigating can bring treacherous results.
When I began my journey of healing, there was little information available and no medical or holistic doctor ever found the answer, even though I visited many of them and spent a great deal of money in the process. I felt lost and unsure of what to do or what to take to heal, and very scared. However, with perseverance, I did find answers so I could heal, and amazingly, new findings appear regularly to assist in this healing process. It really is difficult to handle this journey by yourself - that's one of the reasons I coach people and have now added Adrenal Fatigue Health & Restoration Coach to my credentials.